Executive search


Pharma Point Executive is the new generation of Executive Search for Lifescience, a dynamic consultancy operating throughout Europe thanks to Inrals Network, the integration of an innovative approach and a solid competence in high-end recruiting.

Pharma Point Executive is a boutique search practice based in Milan, where a dedicated team of experienced Executive Search professionals exclusively focused on Lifescience market takes a broad and creative method to identify right candidates.


Our approach to Executive Search is based on several factors:

  • Provide high quality “client tailored“ activity

  • Provide high quality “candidate oriented“ activity based on transparency, professionalism and human touch

  • Strong network, relationships and in depth know-how in Lifescience

  • Proactively and result driven approach

  • Through our Global network INRALS we can approach and engage the most qualified Candidates Worldwide. INRALS has 22 offices and operates in 62 countries


Pharma Point Srl - Foro Buonaparte, 48 - 20121 Milano, Italia

Email: info@pharmapoint.it - Tel. +39 02-89013167