The support provided by Pharma Point has allowed to create a partnership with our organization.

Pharma Point’s Consultants have always been able to answer to business needs in accurate and punctual way, going to slim my job in every occasion.

Collaboration among firms is difficult to roll on, but when trust is created and people is aligned on mutual expectations, there are real presuppositions for a profitable collaboration.
Competence and seriousness of its advisors makes Pharma Point’s strength.


I’m working since long time with Pharma Point on some specific professional figures and since first time time I appreciate their ability to quickly gather demands and to answer with timeliness.

They are able to positively do "challenge" to interviewed people, pushing them to reflect on their real motivations and on their career. 

Also when the search is particularly difficult they never give up showing great passion and determination.


I know Pharma Point from over 10 years and we have worked together on many projects. In Pharmaceutical environment Pharma Point is seen as an almost exclusive reference having a deep specialization in this sector.

I find always a support based on  professionalism and quality. For every project a team is created: firm, HR  line Manager and advisors. We reason together on the professional profile to seek, we compare on necessary competences and personal characteristics, even also modifying the starting idea.... I would say that we have a real value added by the external comparison. They succeed to "to represent" very well the firm to cadidates in an employer branding optics  - after all the consultanAcy firm is the first interface toward the candidate.


The advisors of Pharma Point become a point of reference both for the firm and for the candidate. They are able to furnish a continuous and constant support to both so that it happens what is expected from a serach & selection firm: to find the correct candidate for every firm. 


Deep knowledge of the pharmaceutical world, personalized service, reliability and rapidity, these are the characteristics of Pharma Point, that collaborates with us in a continuous way from different years.

A partner of excellence for the talent recruiting of all the figures in Pharma environment with a particular expertise on Medical Direction profiles.



Pharma Point is not only a Personnel Selection firm. It is much more. A group of professionals aimed by passion for thei job that know how to welcome candidates making them feel unique and affiliating them.

The way they collaborate with Pharmaceutical firms is characterized by the ability to gather their needs with a fast and slender approach to the search. Candidates hired through Pharma Point have shown in the facts to be "the right ones" and in fact most of them are now in positions of responsibility and in international roles.


Pharma Point Srl - Foro Buonaparte, 48 - 20121 Milano, Italia

Email: info@pharmapoint.it - Tel. +39 02-89013167